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Tungsten Carbide Rod, Carbide Rod

Carbide rods are used in the manufacture of carving, anti-vibration tool holders, drill bits, end mills.They are useful products that make life simple and easy.

The Carbide Rod is made from high-quality raw materials. Hence, they give you a long-lasting impression, good quality service, and 100% guaranteed assurance on quality.

Advantages of the item

  • The granulate is equal. The raw materials havelow oxygen content.
    Tungsten Carbide Rod is straight, round with the help of extrusion in the molding machine.

  • It eliminates all the internal holes and any defects. It is a compact product with great strength.
  • It has a stress relief process to reduce the product’s internal stress to improve its structure and strength.
  • The carbide rod can withhold h6 tolerance.

You can contact Kerui Carbide for carbide rods to buy. The packaging is processed with great care.

The inner packaging of Carbide Rod has a paper box and the outer one has a carton. Even customized packaging is also available.

You can buy the best quality Tungsten Carbide Rod from the dealer at the best price. You will get an online consulting and inquiry service. The company also takes sample orders so that you can check and then place the order in bulk.

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