• How are tungsten and tungsten carbide different elements?

    What do you think about tungsten and tungsten carbide? Numerous individuals are there who don’t know the difference between tungsten and tungsten carbide. Tungsten and tungsten carbide are different from each other. In few companies, lower quality tungsten carbide is sold as tungsten. Do you want to find the difference…
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  • The Most Innovative Industrial Tungsten Supplier

    Buy Tungsten, Tungsten for Sale, Tungsten Bars for Sale, Tungsten Suppliers & Manufacturers Tungsten is an important material and substance that is highly used in drilling, mining and metalwork industries, this is a substance that is high impact tolerant and high-temperature resistance, which makes this the best choice. If you…
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  • How to detect the hardness of cemented carbide

    Today we talk about how to detect the hardness of cemented carbide. 1. Hardness testing method Hard alloy hardness testing mainly adopts Rockwell hardness tester to test HRA hardness value. PHR series portable Rockwell hardness tester is very suitable for testing the hardness of cemented carbide. The weight accuracy of…
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