Carbide tips for BWE 700L
Carbide tips for BWE 700L
Carbide tips for BWE 700L
Carbide tips for BWE 700L
Molaidhean carbide airson BWE 700L

Introduction of carbide tips for BWE 700L

Kerui is a professional manufacturer of carbide tips for bucket wheel excavator (BWE) 700L..

The wheel of excavator is provided with buckets which have sharp teeth to rip the soil and excavate the sediment. The inserts are highly wear resistant and tough enough to withstand any impact loading.

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Molaidhean carbide airson BWE 700L

Product type of carbide tips for BWE 700L

Tha gu tur 5 seòrsaichean de mholaidhean carbide:
Gu h-ìosal tha an dealbh de sheòrsa 57016223 Tha feartan toraidh molaidhean carbide airson BWE 700L.:


carbide tips for BWE 700L
Stuth Tungsten carbide
Seòrsa 5 types
Ìre YC10, YC15, YC20
Uachdar Blank
Iarrtas Open mine
MOQ 10 pieces
Certificate ISO9001:2015

The application of carbide tips for BWE 700L: Packing of carbide tips for BWE 700L:

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The product advantage of carbide tips for BWE 700L:

1) Efficient processing, good high-temperature stability;
2) Good combination of impact resistance and wear resistance;
3) Easy to weld, no crack or chipping;1) online inquiry and consulting;
2) full technical support and after-sale service;
3) Samples for test.
4) Fast delivery by courier, by air or by sea.
1) Over 15 years experience in research and production;
2) Strict in-process and final quality inspection;
3) Experienced production team and sales team;Q:Are you a trader or manufacturer?
A:We are a professional tungsten carbide manufacturer, we have produced a lot of carbide tips for BWE.


Q:What is your payment terms?
A:30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment.


Q:Do you have a guarantee?
A:tha, we have a guarantee. If the sold products have quality problem, we will be responsible for replacement or refund.



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